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Automatic Twist Counter


Automated twist testing
The tester performs the preset number of twist tests for a particular yarn. A twist test involves sampling, counting of twists by the untwisting and twisting method, handling of remaining strands, and computing.

Accurate measurements
Since the detection of the sample strand's tip, in accordance with the untwisting and twisting method, is done by a photosensor, no tension is applied to the sample strand, and accurate measurements are ensured.

Testing of two-ply yarn
Testing of the final and first plies is accomplished by untwisting them following the manual test inching mode. Computing is done in the same way as the automatic test mode.

Futher Efficiency Connecting with AUTO COP CHANGER

Main Specification
type : Untwisting and twisting method
Yarn type : Spun yarn
Sample length : 10, 25, 50cm
Pre-tension : 1 - 25g
Power source : 100V/110V/220V/380V@AC 50/60Hz
Compressed air source : 5kg/cm3 60 l/min
Size : H 325mm W 725mm D340mm
Weight : 26kg

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